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chapter one: saengil chukha hamnida

"I'll see you guys on Monday!" JaeJoong shouted to his co-workers at the bar.

"Are you sure you can drive home?" the lady in a black dress called to JaeJoong.

"I'll be fine! You guys know I don't drink much," he shouted back.

"Just make sure you guys call for a taxi, alright?" he reminded them.

"No worries Jae, I've got yellow cab on speed dial," the bartender called back.

"Thanks Mack, I'll see you next Friday!" JaeJoong waved to the bartender and his friends and headed for the exit.

"See ya!" the bartender called back.

JaeJoong and his co-workers would come out to the local bar after a late shift every Friday night. It was a routine thing. And JaeJoong being the light weight, couldn't drink more than 2 beers. He mainly went to the bar to socialize with his co-workers.

He got into his car and got on the highway. It was 9:30pm and for some, the night was just starting. But for JaeJoong he had a routine of calling his sisters in Korea at noon their time. He was living in Iowa of all places. Most of his friends didn't believe him when he said he was moving to Iowa from New York a few years ago.

"Yah, it really is all cornfields here," he said when he first got there.

But after 2 years, he's gotten used to the harsh winter, and the tornado and flood warnings come every spring. Graduating from NYU but taking a job offer for a sales director position for a small financial business didn't go so well with his relatives in Korea. His uncle and aunt wanting him to get into the big bucks right after graduating. They were the main reasons why he chose to take the job offer in Iowa. He felt it was the only place he could go to where his relatives wouldn't visit him. He feels bad that he's ignoring his aunt and uncle, but he knew better than to have them meddle in his business. While he was in school his aunt had tried to set him up with another Korean woman who was in med school. And that bothered JaeJoong very much, because all his life he knew that he didn't like girls. He just didn't have the heart to tell anyone about it.

Exiting on the highway he took a left at the intersection. There were barely any street lights and most of the stop signs were crooked or lying on the ground. No one needed it anyways, there were no cars after dark. Right when he took a left turn, out of nowhere something ran in front of his car.

"What the heck!" JaeJoong shouted and stepped on his brakes.

He wasn't sure if he hit the thing or not. But he saw it fall in front of his car. He put his car on park and unfastened his seat belt. He pulled himself up and looked over his hood to see what just ran in front of his car. He didn't see anything. He slowly opened his car door and slowly walked up to the front of the car. A body laid a few feet away from his car!

"Are you alright?" JaeJoong called and kneeled down to see the person.

"Help me," the person mumbled. There were blood all over this face and on his jacket.

"Are you alright? I'm going to call the cops!" JaeJoong was in shock and tried to go back to his car for his cellphone.

"No, we don't have much time. We have to leave now!" the man told him.

"What? Is there something chasing you?" JaeJoong looked around to make sure.

"We have to go now!" the man ordered.

"I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to call the cops!" JaeJoong tried to go back to his car again but the person grabbed his wrist.

"You have to listen to me, if we don't leave right now we'll both be in danger!" he explained.

JaeJoong looked at the person's face and saw that he was serious. Without thinking much, he pulled the stranger's right arm around his neck and dragged to the passenger's side. Opening the door he set the stranger down in the seat. Then he ran back to the driver's side and got in. He took off.

"I'll take you to the police station," JaeJoong spoke.

"No," the stranger put pressure on his forehead to stop the bleeding. "I can't go to the police station," he said.

"What? Why not?" JaeJoong was getting nervous now. He had picked up a stranger who had blood all over his body, and now he's saying he can't go to the police.

"I'm not an American citizen, I'm a tourist. And I don't have any information on me," he explained.

"You shouldn't be worried about that right now. You're bleeding for god's sake!" JaeJoong said. "I'll take you to the hospital then," he offered.

"No, I have nothing on me. Plus they can't know I'm here," he said.

"Who can't know you're here? And how would they know you're here?" JaeJoong was so confused.

"I can't tell you right now. Take this," he handed JaeJoong a little piece of paper with his bloody fingers. "Don't take me to a police station, a hospital, or a hotel, take me some place private and call this number. Tell them 'saengil chukha hamnida' and tell them the address of the place. Memorize it, 'saengil chukha hamnida', you have to say it correctly," he mumbled and tilted his head in silence.

JaeJoong hearing the phrase 'saengil chukha hamnida' jumped a little. "He's Korean?" he thought. It was hard to tell with all those blood on his face, plus he had flawless English.

"Hey! Are you alright?" JaeJoong stepped on the brakes again after seeing the person's eye shut and his head tilt to the side. "Hey! You! Wake up!" It was no use, the person didn't respond.

"Is he dead?" JaeJoong wondered. He brought his hand up to the stranger's nose, relieved when he felt air on his fingers."Should I just take him to the police?" JaeJoong wondered. "Who cares if he doesn't have any identification on him," he thought. Then he looked at the little piece of paper in his hand. It was an international number, a phone number for Korea. "He is Korean, I should do as he says," JaeJoong thought. "But what if he's a bad person?" he looked at the unconscience face over next to him. "But as a Korean, I should help him," JaeJoong decided.

"You're so heavy!" JaeJoong commented as he carried the stranger on his back. It was a good thing that his garage was attached to the house. He made his way thru the door to the kitchen. He carried the stranger to the dark brown leather sofa. Forgetting about the blood on the stranger's body, he laid him down."You're heavier than you look," JaeJoong commented as he stood up. He finally saw the blood and got a little light headed.

He ran to the bathroom and washed up his face. "I should clean him up," JaeJoong told himself. He ran into the kitchen and grabbed the biggest bowl he could find and filled it with warm water. Grabbing the unused hand towel from the closet he quickly went back to the stranger. After cleaning him up, JaeJoong finally saw the stranger's face. "He sure is Korean," JaeJoong thought. "And he sure is good looking," JaeJoong told himself. "Aish! What the heck?" he shook the thought out of his head.

He pulled himself up and looked around to see where the blood was coming from. A slit on his right side of the head was the cause he figured. He grabbed the first aid kit he had bought a year ago, but never had used it so there were plenty of supplies. After carefully bandaging up the slit he proceeded to taking off the stranger's bloody clothes. He figured that he would just cut the shirt off, since the blood stain had dried on some parts of it. Then he unzipped the stranger's jeans and pulled it off. "At least he's got a boxer on," he thought. JaeJoong found more bruises on the stranger. The elbow, knee, and a strange horizontal cut on his left waist. JaeJoong looked back up at the stranger and wondered what kind of situation he had been in.

After bandaging him up, JaeJoong came back to the living room with a shirt, pillow and a blanket. "You'll have to wear my shirt for now," JaeJoong kneeled down to put the shirt on the stranger. JaeJoong carefully put the shirt on him and buttoned it up. He placed the pillow under the stranger's neck and pulled the blanket over him. Right as he was going to leave get cleaned up himself, he felt a piece of paper in his pocket. "The note," he thought. He brought it out and stared at the number. "Do I call it?" he wondered. He turned to look at the stranger who was still knocked out. "What the heck! I've already come this far!" JaeJoong went to the kitchen and grabbed his house phone. JaeJoong thought back to what the stranger's instructions were. Then he dialed the number.

"Yeoboseyo," a little kid's voice came across."Saengil chukha hamnida," he said with a stutter. JaeJoong waited, thinking someone would say something after that.

It was complete silence.

"Umm, 1133 5th avenue southeast, Northwood, Iowa," he spoke.

They hung up.

"What the heck?" JaeJoong thought.

new fanfic: i love you stranger

Okay, my new fanfic starring DBSK and with the supporting cast of SuJu!

Title: I Love You Stranger
Genre: romance, drama, and action
Rated: R [i'll try to keep it to a minimum^^]
Starring: Yunho + JaeJoong [YunJae], YooChun + JunSu [YooSu], Changmin, and SuJu! [i think all my stories will basically be these 18 hot guys^^]

I'll try to get a poster soon! Please leave me comments. I might post it up at winglin too, but I'll just see how it goes on here first!^^

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back to gongju

"Yah! Everyone, dinner is served!" JaeJoong called to the field of people in the back yard. No one seemed to hear.
"Dinner is served!" Yunho yelled helping out his JaeJoong.
"Food!" ChangMin was the first one to get to the table.
"Yah, ChangMin let the kids go first!" JaeJoong yelled.
"JaeJoong! I'm still a kid!" ChangMin argued.
"Yah, I meant the little ones that are standing behind you," JaeJoong scolded.
"Aish!" ChangMin moved so the little kids could come up to the front.
"Jyoo-Liang, what would you like dear?" JaeJoong asked.
"I want that," the little girl pointed to the basket of chips.
"Jyoo-Liang dear, you can't eat chips yet. Here take some fried rice and chicken wings," JunSu said to his daughter.
"Daddy, I want chips though," the little girl frowned.
"You have to eat real food first, then after you're done you can have chips, alright?" JunSu explained.
"Daddy Chun-Chun!" the little girl ran to her dad YooChun who was carrying another baby.
"Yes, sweetie?" YooChun asked his daughter.
"Daddy Su-Su won't let me eat chips," she cried.
"Well, you have to eat food first," YooChun explained. "Look at Yoo-Rim, she's drinking her milk," YooChun showed his older daughter the little baby sister in his arms.
"Jyoo-Liang-ah, come here daddy Su-Su got some of uncle HanGeng's Beijing fried rice for you," JunSu pulled his daughter to the picnic table.
"Yeah, fried rice is the best," HanGeng gave her the two thumbs up.
The little girl finally gave a smile.
"Yah, how come those guys aren't here yet?" HeeChul asked his HanGeng.
"More than likely, if KangIn is driving, they're lost," HanGeng explained.
"Ji-Yool, baby don't pull your skirt up like that," Yunho called to his daughter.
"Daddy, I gotta pee," she told her dad.
"Honey, take her quick before she goes in her pants," JaeJoong called to Yunho.
"Come here, come here," Yunho carried his daughter towards the door.
"Daddy, I want to go too," another girl called.
"Bbeun-ee, you can't go honey. Daddies going to take your sister to the bathroom first," JaeJoong called to his daughter.
"Daddy," Bbeun-ee went to her dad.
"ChangMin, come serve your little nieces," JaeJoong ordered.
"Yah! Why do I have to?" ChangMin dragging his feet.
"Yah," JaeJoong slapped him on the arm. "These are your nieces, don't complain!"
"Yes, mam," he replied.
"Hello, everyone!" more people pulled up in a van with Shin Entertainment letterings printed on it.
"UNCLES!!!" all the kids called and ran up to the newcomers.
"You guys found the way!" JaeJoong waved to his friends.
"Yeah, after we got lost like 5 times! All thanks to KangIn, who didn't want to stop and ask for directions!" LeeTeuk looked over to KangIn.
"Yah, Gongju isn't that big, I knew we'd find it," KangIn explained.
"Hey, everyone!" Yunho came out from the house.
"Uncle!" Ji-Yool called to her uncles.
"Ji-Yool!" her uncles called back.
The first person she ran to was ShinDong.
"You miss your uncle?" ShinDong asked.
Ji-Yool nodded her head.
"Come on everyone, the foods ready," JaeJoong called.
"Yah, you call them over to eat but you make me serve?" ChangMin frowned.
"Here!" JaeJoong took a chicken wing and stuffed it in ChangMin's mouth.
"MMmmmmm, thanks JaeJoong!" he smiled.
"Hello!!" more voice came from the front of the house.
"Uncle Kibum and uncle Siwon!" the kids all ran up to them.
"Yah, how come you're so late?" ChangMin called to his Kibum.
"I got called in to work, dear," Kibum kept his distance not wanting to experience a punch like the one Yunho got.
"Always work and work," ChangMin argued with him.
"Yah, I had to clear my work so I could have this whole week off to spend with you. Don't be mad," Kibum gave a sad frown.
"Uncle Min-Min, don't be mad at uncle Kibum," Ji-Yool came up to ChangMin.
"Yah, did he pay you to say that?" ChangMin asked.
"Sorry, I can't lie," she said to Kibum.
"Yah, you paid Ji-Yool to say that?" ChangMin yelled.
"Shoot!" Kibum started to run.
"Yah!" ChangMin chased after him.
Everyone laughed at the display. That day they enjoyed the food and each other's company. There were smiles on everyone's faces, well except Kibum's face. (^^)
"Yunnie," JaeJoong said to his husband.
"Mmm?" Yunho answered.
"When we first met, did you think we would have this day?" JaeJoong pulled himself up to face his Yunnie.
"Yes, I knew," he said.
"How? How did you know?" JaeJoong asked.
"I had a dream the night before I met you," Yunho told his husband.
"What kind of a dream?" JaeJoong asked.
"I dreamt that I was being wrapped up by a huge snake," Yunho explained.
"How does that relate to meeting me?" JaeJoong wondered.
"I told my mom about it and she said the first person I spoke to besides her, would be my life partner," Yunho smiled.
"And I was the first one to talk to you that morning?" JaeJoong asked.
"Yeap," Yunho brought his face up to kiss his husband.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhh," the door swung open and the group of boys piled ontop of each other.
"Yah!" Yunho yelled.
"RUN!" HeeChul said.
The light in the house turned on one by one as they all ran away from Yunho and JaeJoong.
"I'm going to kill you all!" JaeJoong shouted as he grabbed a bat.
"Nooooooooooooooooo," ChangMin was the first one caught.
***------------------------THE END-----------------------***

changmins punch

JaeJoong sat under the same tree and in the same spot. He took out from his back pack a piece of bread. Right when he sat down all the birds flew to him as if knowing he had a treat for them.
"Eat up," he told them.
After feeding the birds he figured it was time to feed himself too. Taking out a brown paper bag he took out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
It was day 20 since he's last seen his Yunnie. But in his heart he still knew that his Yunnie was still coming.
"You guys are going to starve after I leave with my Yunnie," he told the birds as they came back for seconds.
The day goes by so slow when you're waiting he thought. "This is probably what Yunnie felt when he waited for me to come at the park," he told the birds. "I really deserve it, right?" he asked.
The birds didn't answer him. They just kept eating the little pieces of bread he threw to the ground.
As the sun went down so did JaeJoong's hope. "Yunnie, this hurts too much," he whispered into the cold night air. He got up and swung his back pack on his left shoulder. He headed for the bus stop. Which would take him to his little cottage. The night time in Paris was beautiful and romantic. It is true that people who stood looking at the Eiffel Tower would be drawn to each other. It made him want to hold his Yunnie close. It made him want to whisper things into his Yunnie's ears. Tears started to run down his cheek as it always did at this time of the night. "I'll come back tomorrow Yunnie," he said looking back once more to the Eiffel Tower before heading down the little path.
"Yah!" a voice came from behind him.
JaeJoong stopped. "THAT VOICE!" he thought to himself.
"Yah! Are you dead or alive?" the voice came again.
"Yunnie?" he slowly turned around.
"At least we know that you're still alive," Yunho stood his breathe was evident in the cold air.
"Yunnie!" JaeJoong called. His body unable to move.
"Yah! How could you come alone?" Yunho cried. Tears also running down his cheeks. "Are you an idiot?" he screamed as more tears fell.
"Yunnie!" JaeJoong could only say as he started to let his cries out.
"Do you know how stupid you are? How can you come here alone? Are you crazy!" Yunho still crying.
"Sorry," JaeJoong let out.
"Idiot!" Yunho yelled and ran to his JaeJoong.
Only when his Yunnie moved did JaeJoong's feet start to move too. The two ran towards each other, right in front of the Eiffel Tower, they hugged each other tightly.
"Are you crazy?" Yunho still crying. "Aish! You're driving me crazy!" Yunho told him.
"I'm sorry," JaeJoong could only say.
Yunho finally realized that no matter how many days goes by, how many years go by, his heart would never be able to forget JaeJoong. No matter how much he told his heart to forget, that day would never come.
"I knew you would come," JaeJoong said softly into Yunho's ears.
"You idiot! How could I not? Knowing that you were here by yourself," Yunho said as he pulled away.
"I was scared," JaeJoong finally broke down. "I knew you were coming, but I didn't know when," his tears still falling.
"I'm sorry, I was late," Yunho said forcing a smile.
JaeJoong shook his head. "You're not late," he said. "I'm just a bit early," he tried to smile too.
"You idiot!" Yunho pulled JaeJoong into his arms again.
"I promise I won't hide anything from you again," JaeJoong started.
"I don't care, I don't care anymore. You can lie to me or do anything you want. I don't care as long as you're always by myside," Yunho exclaimed.
"Yunnie-ah!" JaeJoong cried.
"Just remember that no matter what you have to do everything to keep us together," Yunho didn't want to let go of his JaeJoong.
The two finally let go of each other. Looking to their side the Eiffel Tower stood tall.
"So, is this love?" JaeJoong asked the Eiffel Tower. "It feels good," he said.
"I like this feeling," Yunho also told the Eiffel Tower.
"I love you, JaeJoong," Yunho turned to his JaeJoong.
"I love you, Yunnie," JaeJoong answered.
Yunho pulled JaeJoong in for a kiss. JaeJoong's hand went up to Yunho's neck. His lips were ready for his Yunnie.
"So, you're saying that ChangMin and Kibum is?" JaeJoong stopped short.
"Yah, I was surprised to! I didn't know how ChangMin found me! He just came up to the roof and punched me!" Yunho explained.
"What happened next?" JaeJoong asked as he turned to face his Yunnie.
"Yah! ChangMin was a monster! Just like what YooChun said! He stood there with his fists ready to punch me again, good thing Kibum held him," Yunho explained.
"Sheesh, you deserve to be punched again and again!" JaeJoong slapped Yunho's chest.
"Yah, that hurts," Yunho said as he jumped on top of JaeJoong. The blanket slipping off and showing both their naked chests.
"What happened next?" JaeJoong asked as Yunho's face came down to his.
"Then..." Yunho gave him a kiss before finishing his sentence. "Then he started to cry and yell at the same time, it was horrible. He was so scary!"
"Then what?" JaeJoong asked.
"Then he started saying something about how you were waiting. So I asked him where? And he started to yell again!" Yunho came down to give JaeJoong little kisses on his neck.
"Yah, you didn't finish with the story yet," JaeJoong told him.
"Can I finish later?" Yunho asked.
"No, I want to hear what happened next," JaeJoong giggled as Yunho started to suck on his neck. "Yah!" he called.
"Okay, so once I realized what an idiot you were, leaving by yourself! I got up and went to pack. ChangMin and Kibum ran after me and asked what I was doing. And ChangMin started yelling again calling me an idiot," Yunho finally placed his head on JaeJoong's shoulder and ran his leg in between JaeJoong's thighs.
"Yah! Don't do that," JaeJoong said as he felt Yunho rubbing him.
"So I asked him how many times he was going to call me an idiot. I mean I was already packing! What else did he want me to do? So he said first I had to call and get a ticket first, or else it wouldn't matter how fast I packed I wouldn't be able to get on a plane," Yunho laughed.
"You are an idiot," JaeJoong commented.
"Yah! I was only worried about you," he said.
"So did you call to get the ticket?" JaeJoong asked.
"No, he did it. I had to call my old departmental chief and ask him for a favor," Yunho explained.
"What was the favor?" he asked.
"To grant me a vacation as long as I wanted or else I would sue him for abusing his powers," Yunho explained.
"Yah, he only did it because of me," JaeJoong explained. "You wouldn't really do that would you?" he asked.
"I was only threatening him, I wouldn't do it for real," Yunho clarified.
"Oh, that's good. If not my manager would of had killed me," JaeJoong said. "So, what happened next?"
"So, I got rushed to the airport and got on the plane," he said.
"How'd you know I would be at the Eiffel Tower?" JaeJoong wondered.
"Yah, where else can you be?" he asked.
"That's true," JaeJoong laughed.
"Yah, that punch still hurts," Yunho whined.
"It does?" JaeJoong said pulling himself up to see Yunho's face.
"Yeah, look," he said.
Right as JaeJoong brought his face closer Yunho grabbed him and locked his lips with his own lips.
all yunjaeness in this chapter! enjoy!!!!

return of the monster changmin

JaeJoong sat on the grass by the birds again.

"He'll come," he told the birds.

He took out a little piece of bread and fed the birds.

"Isn't that Hero?" a woman said to another woman sitting a few feet away from JaeJoong.

"Yah, that can't be him. Look at him, he looks really dirty," the other lady answered.

"I guess so. Hero is normally clean and he's sitting by himself, shouldn't he have his manager or some bodyguards with him?" the first lady asked.

"I don't know, but didn't he just give a news conference? He said he was taking a leave from the entertainment business for personal reasons. What do you think it is?" the other lady spoke.

"I don't know. But there were rumors that he wanted time off to get married or something," the lady told her friend.

JaeJoong just smiled hearing the two ladies talk. He didn't bother to shave ever since he got there. His hair wasn't even combed that morning. And he wore oversized clothing with a big scarf. He didn't have the time to spend time in front of the mirror, he needed to be at the Eiffel Tower. His Yunnie would be coming soon.

"He'll come," he said to the birds again.


"Hurry up!" ChangMin called to Kibum who was still in confused as to why he wanted to see Yunho.

"Yah, right there," Kibum yelled as ChangMin was closed to his apartment.

"Hurry up, open the door!" ChangMin said.

"Yah, hold on," he took his key out and opened the door.

ChangMin burst into the room looking for Yunho. "Where are you? Detective JUNG!" ChangMin screamed.

Siwon ran out of the bathroom with his hair still wet and only a towel around his waist. "What is going on?" he asked.

"Where is Yunho?" Kibum asked.

"He's on the roof, why?" Siwon asked.

ChangMin ran out of the room and towards the end of the hallway. He blasted thru the doors and flew up the stairs.

"Yah! Wait for me!" Kibum called.

Yunho was sitting on the chair looking at the view. He was up there almost everynight thinking about JaeJoong. It pained him that his heart couldn't forget him. He told himself that he needed time. But why does his heart feel like it was being stabbed at when he tried to tell himself that he could forget JaeJoong.

"YAH! YUNHO!" a voice came from behind him.


Yunho didn't know what hit him, but he landed on the hard floor.

"Ah," he let out. He looked up and saw ChangMin. His fists clenched and his face in a rage. Sweat on his forehead.

"Yah! You idiot! How could you do that to JaeJoong?" he screamed.

"ChangMin," Kibum came and pulled him back a little. "What's going on?" he asked.

"How'd you find me?" Yunho asked as he wiped the blood on his mouth.

"Bastard! Don't you know that JaeJoong is waiting for you? And here you are, just sitting and enjoying the view!" ChangMin shouted. "I thought you would take care of him, but you're the one that hurted him the most!" ChangMin's voice was full of rage and anger.

"You don't know what you're talking about," Yunho said still on the ground.

"What? What don't I know? That JaeJoong did everything for you? That he left his career just to be with you! And this is how you repay him? Are you still human?" ChangMin was still screaming.

"The lies he created! The lies he told me! It all adds up!" Yunho told him. "I'm only human, that's why I can't accept it!" he shot back.

"A person who did everything for you, a person who didn't think twice if his actions would one day come back to hurt him. A person who gave up his entire life for you. Is it not enough for you to see pass the little lies? To see pass the actions and see the real intention behind it? He lied to you because he couldn't tell you who he was. Not because he wanted to mess with you and give you pain. All he knew was that he loved you!" ChangMin was now in tears himself. Thinking about his friend who was still waiting day and night in a foreign country. "Tell me that you don't love him and I'll go over there and make him forget about you," ChangMin asked.

"Go over where?" Yunho asked. "Isn't he still here?" Yunho didn't think JaeJoong would of had left without him. To a foreign country by himself.

"What do you mean where? Where were you guys suppose to go?" ChangMin was back to shouting now.

"He went? He went by himself?" Yunho asked.

"He just said you'll show up. He wouldn't listen to me nor the manager," ChangMin explained.

"That idiot," Yunho said under his breath. He jumped up and ran down the stairs.

"Yah, Yunho!" Kibum called after him but Yunho wasn't stopping.


ahhh a short one! i have to go home now! ^^


The wind blew softly moving the strands of hair on JaeJoong's face. He sat on the green grass looking up at the big and tall structure in front of him. Even though the power of the wind was only hard enough to move a few leaves on the tree nearby, but for this man, he felt it blew at his heart. He took a deep breathe, then let it out. It's been 14 days since he's been in Paris, the city of love. "Where are you?" he asked. His words only heard by the birds surrounding him.

That day at the airport, he waited for his Yunnie in the airplane. He didn't show. JaeJoong almost got up to leave, but he asked himself to believe. To believe that his Yunnie would show up. He never did.

When he landed, the first place he went to was the Eiffel Tower. He knew his Yunnie was going to come to the Eiffel Tower. But he wasn't there. He went to the little cottage house a few miles outside of the city. A place he had worked so hard to buy, wishing that one day his Yunnie and him could spend their days there. And every morning with a smile and hope he would come to the Eiffel Tower. And everynight he would go home with tears in his eyes.

"He'll be here tomorrow," he would tell himself before going to bed. "He's coming," he would lay himself to bed.


Yunho had moved to a different station and department. He had moved out of his apartment. He wanted to escape. He wanted to get away from all the lies.

That day after finding out everything from Siwon and Kibum. He stormed into his chief's office and demanded an explanation. The chief was shocked that his chief had used his powers for his personal reasons. Together they marched up to the departmant chief's office and asked. The chief didn't have anything but only an apology.

Yunho demanded an immediate transfer. And that no one can release any information on where he was. The chief had nothing to say but to do as Yunho asked.

Yunho now sat at the dining table. Eating a bowl of noodle. Lifeless was what Kibum described his friend nowadays. And even Siwon agreed with him.

"Yah, which one looks better?" Kibum asked.

"That one," Siwon answered.

"Really? I like the green one more," Kibum holding up two shirts up to his chest.

"Yah, the blue one is better," Siwon said.

"Really?" he questioned. "What do you think?" he turned to Yunho.

"Huh?" Yunho asked.

"Which one?" Kibum asked again.

"Green," Yunho just said without thinking.

"See!" Kibum ran into his room to change.

"Yah, why are you so nervous about this date anyways?" Siwon asked. "You normally don't prepare this much for a date," Siwon added.

"It's not a normal date!" Kibum shouted back.

"What do you mean?" Siwon asked.

"Well, we met online. And I had already missed out on the first date," he clarified. "It took me 3 weeks to get another date," Kibum said.

"Why did you miss the first date?" Siwon asked.

"Remember that day we got stuck at the airport?" Kibum and Siwon looked over to Yunho right as the words came out. "Yeah, that was suppose to be our first date, but I was stuck there," Kibum lowered his voice.

Yunho sat eating his noodle not hearing anything.

"Is she pretty?" Siwon asked.

"I don't know, I haven't met her yet," Kibum answered then grabbed his bags and ran out.

"Yah, hurry home tonight. We have physical training tomorrow!" Siwon called to his friend.

The two had followed Yunho to the new department. All three had moved into the same apartment. Siwon and Kibum didn't know everything but they knew they couldn't let Yunho live alone.


Kibum sat in the coffee shop. His hands were sweating. He looked around to see if his date had shown up yet. His legs begin to shake. "Yah! What am I doing here?" he wondered. "What if someone notices me?" he looked around again.

Finally the glass door flew open. A tall and skinny figure walked in. The person was wearing a faded blue jeans, pink polo shirt, and sunglasses. The person looked around and the gaze stopped at Kibum.

Kibum got up and smiled.

The person walked towards Kibum.

"ChangMin?" Kibum asked.

"Kibum?" he asked back.

"It's nice to finally meet you," Kibum nodded his head.

"It's nice to finally meet you too," ChangMin smiled back.

"I'm really sorry about the last time," Kibum said.

"It's alright, I didn't wait long anyways," ChangMin lied. He had waited for his online friend for over 2 hours that day. He didn't even tell his best friend that he was coming back to Korea just because he wanted to spend time with his online pal. But when his online pal didn't show up he decided to get ahold of JaeJoong.

"I'm really sorry, I had to work overtime," Kibum explained.

"Yeah," ChangMin was still a little pissed.

"Yah, I know you came all the way here to meet me," Kibum said.

"Yah, I didn't come here just to meet you. My friend lives here. And I have a home in Korea, too," ChangMin trying to make himself seem less pathetic.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry," Kibum knew he should just apologize.

"So, that's your explanation for not showing up that day?" ChangMin asked. "Overtime?"

"I know it's stupid, but I was really in a tight spot. I couldn't leave," Kibum explained. "Come on, we've known each other for 3 years!" Kibum said.

"Yah! That was an online relationship. And if I had known that you would be like this I would of had never been in a relationship with you," ChangMin explained.

"Yah, keep it down. Everyones looking at us," Kibum looked around.

"So? Are you embarrassed?" ChangMin asked.

"It's not that," Kibum tried to explain.

"Yah, everyone listen up. Is it okay for someone to not show up at a meeting when the other person crossed countries to just get to the meeting?" ChangMin shouted.

Everyone in the shop looked over at Kibum and ChangMin all shaking their heads.

"That's horrible," one girl shouted from the corner.

"Dump him," another girl shouted.

ChangMin couldn't believe that he had just done that. He looked over to Kibum who was just lifting his head up from his hands. They both stared at each other, then bursted out laughing. Kibum got up and grabbed ChangMin's hands and they both ran out of the shop.

"Yah, I can't believe you just did that!" Kibum said as they collapsed on a bench.

"I can't believe it either," ChangMin said.

Both catching their breath as they laughed at what just happened. All of a sudden Kibum's hand came to ChangMin's hands again.

"I'm sorry, alright?" Kibum said again.

"Alright," ChangMin said. "How could I stay mad at you?"

"You look better in person," Kibum's face was now bright red.

"Yah, so all those time we spent video chatting, I wasn't looking good?" ChangMin pulled his hand away.

"That's not what I meant," Kibum explained.

"Yah, I was just kidding," ChangMin slapped him again.

The two laughed some more. They finally got up and walked around shopping and exploring the shopping areas and markets. Something Kibum had promised his online friend that they would do once they met face to face.

"Yah, have you told your friends and family about us?" ChangMin asked.

"I haven't. Sorry," he looked over to ChangMin.

"No, it's alright. I, I haven't told anyone yet either," ChangMin confessed.

"Everyone around me thinks I can't live without girls, imagine what a shock they'd get if I told them I've never had eyes for girls. And the person I have dated is a guy and to make it more interesting, it started online," Kibum laughed at the harsh reality.

"Yah, it's not only you. My best friend thinks all I do is watch porn and drool over girls," ChangMin explained.

Kibum's hand went down to ChangMin's hand again. "I'm really glad you decided to come see me," Kibum said.

"I was really not going to give you another chance, but because of something that happened to my friend and his relationship. I thought if I let you slip away without an explanation, I would regret it one day," ChangMin said.

"I'm glad that you took your friend's experience to give me another chance. And I'm really sorry about that last time. I was in a situation where I couldn't leave at all," Kibum explained.

"What was it that prevented you from coming to see me exactly?" ChangMin asked.

"Well, I was helping out a friend. He had an assignment to go recieve a big celebrity at the airport. And he asked me and two or our co-worker to come along because airport security had called and said there were thousands of fans there," Kibum stopped as he saw ChangMin's eyes get bigger. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"What was the celebrity's name?" ChangMin asked.

"Hero, he's pretty famous I suppose," Kibum said.

ChangMin jumped up in goosebumps as he heard the answer.

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JaeJoong was getting dressed for his conference that evening.

ChangMin as usual was eating take out food in the kitchen with the manager.

Yunho sat on the sofa looking at pictures of his lovely JaeJoong. When his cellphone started to buzz. "What's up Siwon?" he answered.

"Yunho," Siwon's voice was serious. "Come to the station right now," he told.

"Why? What's wrong?" he asked.

"You have to see if for yourself," he said knowing that his friend wouldn't believe him if he just said it over the phone.

Yunho looked at his watch. He still had a good 4 hours before his flight with JaeJoong took off.

"Alright, I'll be in," he said.

Yunho went to JaeJoong's door and knocked.

"Come in," he answered.

Yunho opened the door and went in.

JaeJoong stood in a black fitted suit. He looked perfect. His hair was gelled and swept back. He looked like a someone who just stepped out of a celebrity magazine.

"Oh, Yunnie," he said.

"JaeJoong-ah, is it alright if I go to my station one last time?" Yunho asked.

"Of course, you probably want to go say bye to your friends," JaeJoong thought.

"Yeah," Yunho answered.

JaeJoong walked up to Yunho and brought his face up to Yunho. A little kiss on the lips.

"I would do more but I don't want to get all messed up and get dressed again," JaeJoong giggled.

"Well, you don't have to look this good for the conference," Yunho gave a naughtly smile, then he wrapped his left hand to JaeJoong's neck and gave him a longer kiss.

"Yah! You two!" ChangMin poked his head in. "Yuck!" was his next word. Then he shut his eyes, "30 minutes until conference!"

Yunho and JaeJoong gave a little laugh at the reaction from ChangMin.

JaeJoong, ChangMin, and the manager took the van and headed towards the hotel where JaeJoong was going to give his farewell speech.

Yunho took the taxi to the station.

"Yah! What did I have to see?" Yunho went up to his desk where Siwon and Kibum sat.

"Here," Siwon gave him the papers he was looking at.

"What is this?" Yunho started to examine the paper.

"You wanted us to find out who gave you the scholarship, right? Just look at who the checks belong to," Kibum answered.

"Kim YoungWoong," Yunho read.

"Guess who Kim YoungWoong is?" Kibum asked.

"Who?" Yunho still unable to make the connections.

"We got our friends in the license department to look it up, and here is what he found," Siwon handed him another set of papers.

Yunho's eyes popped, "JaeJoong," he said.

"Kim YoungWoong is the legal Korean name for Hero, and before he became Hero or YoungWoong, he was JaeJoong," Kibum explained.

"So, you're telling me that the person who gave me the scholarship is JaeJoong?" Yunho asked.

"We didn't want to jump to conclusions so we found the checks for all four semesters they were all made out by him," Siwon gave him a few more papers.

"We wanted to know what scholarship program it was, so we looked it up on the detabase, and found no scholarship in the year you applied for a scholarship with this name," Kibum explained.

"And here's another thing," Siwon spoke.

Yunho who was still in shock looked up to his friend.

"Yesterday, I ran into the secretary for the departmental chief," Siwon took a breath. "She asked me how your vacation was going? So, I asked what she meant?" Siwon explained.

Yunho could feel his own temperature rising. All this time he had thought all the lies were over. But he's finding out more stuff about JaeJoong.

"She said the manager for a famous celebrity had called in and asked for you specifically to babysit. So I asked her what the whole threatening letter thing was about. She told me there was never any letters," Siwon could see his friend's flushed face.

Yunho sat down in his chair. "What is this?" he asked himself.


JaeJoong, ChangMin, and his manager arrived at the airport and was now sitting in the VIP room waiting for Yunho.

"I can't get ahold of him!" JaeJoong had tried more than 20 times. "Maybe something happened?" he asked.

"Should I call the hospitals?" the manager asked.

"I say you call his staton, that's where he went, right?" ChangMin suggested.

JaeJoong quickly called informations and asked to be transferred to the police station.

"Hello, I'm looking for detective Jung Yunho," he spoke.

The person who answered the phone told him to hold on while she transferred the phone call to his department.

"I'm looking for detective Jung Yunho," he said again.

"This used to be detective Jung's desk," the voice came across.

"What do you mean?" JaeJoong asked.

"He just transferred to another station," the voice answered.

"What? When did he transfer?" JaeJoong was now sitting on the sofa next to ChangMin.

"Just a few hours ago, I think the last boxes of paperwork from his desk just left 45 minutes ago," he answered.

"Do you know where he transferred to?" JaeJoong ask.

"I do not, I'm sorry. Would you like me to send you down to the operator?" he asked.

"No, that's fine," JaeJoong thanked the man and hung up.

"What is it?" the manager asked.

"He'll come," JaeJoong forced a smile.

"I heard something about being transferred?" ChangMin asked.

"It was probably why he had to go to the station quick. I'm sure he's on his way," JaeJoong forced his tears away.

"JaeJoong, maybe you shouldn't leave yet," the manager spoke.

"It's alright, the flight takes off in 20 minutes, I should get on the plane. He'll be coming too, don't worry. I gave him his tickets already," JaeJoong smiled.

"Are you sure?" ChangMin asked.

"Yes, I'm sure. He'll come," JaeJoong nodded.

JaeJoong gave his manager and ChangMin each a hug then waved goodbye and walked to his terminal.

"Do you think he'll come?" the manager asked.

"Even I don't know the answer to this one," ChangMin said looking after his friend.


"Surprise!!!!" YooChun took his hands off JunSu's eyes.

"WOW!" JunSu exclaimed. "This is beautiful!"

The little kitchen table in JunSu's condo was filled with red and white rose petals. Little candles all over the table and th kitchen floor. And on the table two sets of plates with grilled vegetables and grilled steak.

"I have something to ask you," YooChun got on his knees.

"What are you doing?" JunSu asked.

"I want to tell you that these past few days have been the best days of my life," YooChun started as tears formed in his eyes.

"YooChun-ah," JunSu said as he started to tear up too.

"I didn't know what my feelings for you were before I met you again. But after these few days, I now that I can't live without you," YooChun's tears ran down his cheek. "And I want to ask you to be mine and only mine. You will be the only person in my heart if you are willing to take me and let only me be in your heart," YooChun looked up waiting for an answer.

"YooChun-ah!" JunSu wiped his own tears. "You have been the only person in my heart, and you'll be the only person in my heart for the rest of my life," JunSu told him.

YooChun got up and the two hugged. Followed by a slow passionate kiss.

"I know we'll fight about this and that, but promise me that no matter what, we won't ever seperate," YooChun asked.

"I promise, I won't ever leave you," JunSu pulled his lover into a kiss again.

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